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Garam Masala Chocolate Truffles
Napa Valley Chocolate Company

Garam Masala Chocolate Truffles


Introducing Garam Masala Chocolate Truffles from Napa Valley Chocolate Company.

We use our special blend of Garam Masala spices and blend them with our dark chocolate ganache to create this warm and savory sweet Premium Chocolate Truffle.

At Napa Valley Chocolate Company, we make all our Garam Masala Chocolate Truffles in small batches to ensure that you receive the highest quality, freshest Chocolate Truffles possible.

For our delicious Garam Masala Chocolate Truffles, we carefully blend finely ground, and lightly toasted garam masala spices with our rich, dark chocolate ganache.  These deliciously warm and savory chocolate ganache centers are then dipped in rich, dark Belgian Chocolate. If you’re looking for that rich savory sweet taste combined with deep dark chocolate…then this truffle is for you. A masterful taste combination to be sure!

Remember…every order is guaranteed fresh…we don’t make them until you order!

 As your Personal Chocolatier we promise that your Garam Masala Chocolate Truffle order…

  • Will always be handcrafted in small batches…to ensure quality and freshness
  • Will always use only sustainably farmed Premium Belgian Dark Chocolate
  • Will always use only sustainably farmed Premium Belgian Milk Chocolate
  • Will always use only sustainably farmed Herbs and Spices
  • Will always be lovingly packaged in our signature Gold Foil Stamped Gift Box…perfect for friends and family gift giving

Garam Masala Chocolate Truffles from Napa Valley Chocolate Company, the perfect gift for your adventurous chocolate loving friends and family …

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