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Napa Valley Chocolate Company - Your Personal Chocolatier

Welcome to Napa Valley Chocolate Company...


Thank you for allowing us to share our passion for Chocolate with you.

Whether you're a returning friend or a first time visitor (and future friend) we appreciate the trust you've shown us to create an exceptional chocolate experience for you with every order.

For our first time visitors...Napa Valley Chocolate Company is a family owned Chocolate Boutique specializing in the artisanal production of handcrafted Chocolate Truffles and Confections in unique and exotic flavors.

We use only the freshest ingredients available along with our small batch production techniques to insure that your handcrafted truffles will always be the freshest available. Yes, that means that we'll never be big...but it also means that you'll never find better!

Lastly, if you're as passionate about your chocolate as we are, you know how hard it is to find chocolate that isn't mass produced, in bland flavors, that are at best uninspiring. We are NOT that company. Order something today and find out what  passionately made chocolate really tastes like...and what it means to have a Personal Chocolatier.


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