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About Us

Welcome to Napa Valley Chocolate Company…

Located in the heart of the Napa Valley…Napa Valley Chocolate Company is dedicated to the pursuit of fine chocolate and the traditional artisan methods of production. You won’t find any fancy French names here, or assembly line processes…just a passion for chocolate handcrafted in small batches under the watchful eye of Chocolatier Dodi Vincent.

At Napa Valley Chocolate Company we have assembled collections for those of you that love your chocolate truffles in the more traditional flavors…try our Traditional Chocolate Truffle Collection or maybe our candy bar inspired Classic Candy Chocolate Truffle Collection.

 ...and for those with more adventurous tastes we’ve got you covered as well.

 The exotic flavors of our specially chosen herbs and spices give our chocolate collections a distinctive and adventurous edge that keep our fans coming back again and again.

 “We’re always trying to surprise our customers with new flavors that make them say ‘Really?...chocolate goes with that!’”, says Dodi with a grin, “That’s when it gets fun!”

 Small batch production means your chocolate is as fresh as it can be…made just for you when you place your order.

 The small batch processes used by Napa Valley Chocolate Company mean that we will never be a giant company…but our customers are some of the most loyal in the world and we take pride in being their Personal Chocolatier.

 Now you too can have a Personal Chocolatier…

 Order some Gourmet Chocolate Truffles from Napa Valley Chocolate Company today!